Cable Management Systems

Junction Box

Skaber Junction Boxes are made of very high quality materials to withstand heavy load and corrosion.
They are available in 4 variants. All the variants can be trailer made to suit the requirement of the clients.

1. Height adjustable junction box
2. Fixed height junction box.
3. Eco junction box.
4. SS Top junction box.          

Features of Junction Boxes:
•The trap covers have 8 mm recessed for installation of carpet and tiles
•Junction Boxes base unit is made of high quality pre-galvanized steel and high–pressure die cast alloy pillars for supporting the trap frames and side blanks
•The flyover unit, trap frame and traps are epoxy coated to give enhanced protection on visible parts against chemical or saline corrosion
•Flyover unit also avoid criss-crossing of cables thus reducing disturbances and interference
•Adjustable leveling screws on all 4 corners made of brass will be provided
•Brass terminal for earthing connection is provided
•For side blanks are made with removable perforations to accept tracks upto 38 mm height
•Additional electroplating shall be provided in Modular Fixed height box to enhance the protection against chemical or saline corrosion
•Different box sizes are available in Modular Fixed Type Junction Boxes to meet different modular needs
•Junction Boxes can withstand a maximum load of upto 1.45 ton force (metric)