Cable Management Systems

Outlet Box / Popup Box

Outlet / Access Box
Skaber Outlet Boxes are made of very high quality materials to withstand heavy load and corrosion.
Access boxes made out of 2.0 mm pre-galvanized Iron (GI) with height adjustable top by 15 mm. Standard height 60 mm. Powder coated fire retardant polymer made trap and trap frame for protection against corrosion. Use of high quality foam for preventing dust. Powder coated removable top plate is fixed to base with screws using die cast alloy pillars and can withstand heavy loads.   
  The features of the outlet box are:
•Cables are guided by the cable retainers through generous cable outlets
•Cables emerging from Outlet Boxes shall be protected against damage by means of Cable exit grommets
•Strong and durable trap lifting handle is made of similar color material and has special design for easy lifting
•Outlet Boxes base unit is made of high quality pre-galvanized steel and high pressure die-cast alloy pillars for supporting the trap frames and side blanks
•Brass terminal for earthing connection is provided
•Accessory mounting plates are available for power, data and telephone wiring devices
•Four side blanks are made with removable perforations to suit duct installation
•Standard box size is available in Height Adjustable type which is 250 x 250 x 60 - 70 mm in three compartments and has a recess of 8 mm for carpet installation
•Different box sizes are available in Modular Fixed Type Outlet Boxes to meet different modular needs
•Skaber Outlet Boxes can withstand a maximum load of up to 1.15 ton force (metric)
Popup Box
Skaber floor pop-up boxes are designed keeping in mind the customer's requirements. Our pop-up box are made after analizing various products available in the Indian market. The pop-up box is available with six modules (as shown in the image). The cover can be provided in any colour. 

Key features:
• Slim box and base
• Made of SS and GI powder-coated
• Zero vibration of socket modules when lid pop-up
• Total 6 modules
• Earthing provided for safety
• Available in colors