Cable Management Systems


Floor raceways are made out of MS/pregalvanised iron of thickness ranging from 1.6 mm (SWG 16) upwards. The size (width) starts from 50 mm and can be made to any specification. Raceways with one or more partitions can provide segregated space for power, data and ancillary cables and reduce interference. Standard height is 40 mm but can be designed for any customer specific requirements. Raceways may be plain GI, enamel painted or powder coated. Raceway covers are mounted on the base over a gasket to provide protection against water seepage. Removable sliding cover design is also available. Standard lengths is 2.5 meters.      


•Specially treated corrosion proof rectangular profiles for high tensile strength they can be supplied either with openable or welded lid
•The unique bottle-cap design of the tracks give the required rigidity and at the same time To prevent seepage of concrete or screed water
•Standard thickness: 1.6 mm unless and until specified
•Standard length: 2.5 meters
•Depth varies from 25 mm to 125 mm depending upon the requirement
•Raw materials: Pre-galvanized sheet steel
•Single, double or triple compartments
•Triple Compartments designed to accommodate power, data and voice cables when run individually in separate compartments
•Load Bearing Capacity: Upto 1.05 Ton force (Metric)